Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Deti is a farming village situated about 500 meters from the main Akatsi – Aflao road. The village is a small farming village in the Akatsi District of the Volta Region and has a population of about 1500 people. They grow mainly cereal and tuber crops like maize, beans, groundnut and yam.

The village is also known for the cultivation of a popular Ghanaian dessert which has a hard outer black shell and a sweet powdery soft fruit inside.

Because of the dry nature of the landscape in Deti, the inhabitants do not have any river or stream flowing through their village. Due to this, they have to dig small holes in the ground until they find water.

 These wells do not have consistent yields and they have to sometimes wait for the water to surface before fetching. It normally takes one to two hours to fetch a bucket of water accompanied with its many health risks and diseases.

The District provided them with one standing pipe that was connected from an overhead tank in the Akatsi District Hospital, but this tap is opened once a week because of the needs of the hospital. This therefore does not adequately satisfy the water needs of the inhabitants of Deti. DANIDA (The Danish International Development Agency), a local Non-Profit made promises to come and provide them with a borehole, but that project was since not heard of again.