Thursday, 19 February 2015



Patricia has served with Meaningful Life International as an intern for a month now and the time is up for her to go back to school. We have really enjoyed doing ministry with her and we have been so blessed by her stay with us! 

Here is the concluding part of her journal...

"...Work started out very well on my first day. During my first week, i worked with the Administrator. The work here involved finance & day-to-day accounts, HR and Administration. I did a lot of inventories and filing of payment vouchers (basically paper work) throughout the first week. The work here was a lot, and the pace at which i worked was different from the pace here. So for the first week, that was my major challenge. Soon, i got used to the flow and quickly adapted.

Next, i moved to the Projects Department to assist the Projects Director in charge of Operations. I was really challenged here because the work here had a lot to do with Social Works. I got to know more about MLI's ministry activities in the rural communities of Ghana, the strategy MLI has adopted in working with these different people groups and the impact they have had on the people in these communities. We had long discussions about projects, and i was given the opportunity to draft a proposal for the first time; and it was good.  From the Projects Department, i moved to the Front desk.

The most exciting part so far has been my time in the Executive Director’s office. I was his protege personal assistant for a week. Rev. Dr. Godwin Ahlijah is fun to be with. I had the opportunity to interview him and learn about his ministry as a Reverend Minster and his involvement with Missions over the years. My time with him made me appreciate service to God more. He always emphasized that God is the secrete behind his success, and i agree with him. Only God can sustain someone with a lot of positions like Rev. Dr. Ahlijah. Through him, God has shown me that i can trust Him (God) to lead and control my life.

Slowly, the period for my internship was coming to an end. The thought of leaving this beautiful family made me teary. I spent my last week at Meaningful Life International in the Executive Project Director’s office. He is in charge of Media & Graphic Design, IT, Public relations & News Updates and Summer Teams. He is such an amazing person to work with. I had the opportunity to put together PowerPoint presentations, write ups for their weekly blog and Monthly newsletter, and a New Year’s message for their Ministry Partners. I also helped to design some flyers and create subtitles for a Documentary Video he was working on. I have learnt a lot of things outside my field of study, and they are skills that are definitely going to be helpful and instrumental in my profession as a social worker.

All in all, my internship with Meaningful Life International has been exciting, fulfilling and totally amazing! One thing that stood out for me was their Morning Devotions and Prayer Sessions. In general, i would say that it has been a great blessing to have had this opportunity to intern at Meaningful Life International. Though there were a few challenges, it is a great place to work; wonderful people and a peaceful Holy Spirit-filled atmosphere. I have enjoyed my time here and I hope to be back for another internship."