Wednesday, 29 June 2011



After months of steady preparations and great communication between staff of Meaningful Life International (MLI) and the contact persons of Creighton University Medical Students in Nebraska – USA, the long anticipated collaboration between the two parties dubbed Missions 2011, has finally become a success story by the grace of God.

On Thursday 2nd June 2011, the team of eight Medical Students from Creighton University arrived in Ghana at the Kotoka International Airport. A delegation from Meaningful Life International arrived at airport (KIA) to welcome the team at exactly 8:35pm. The MLI delegation was made up of Enoch, Stephen and Mr. Osei. The students arrived individually on different flights and by 9:45pm they had all arrived. From the airport, the team was taken to their place of accommodation which is the EMEF HILL VIEW ESTATES at Mataheko to rest.

On Friday 3rd June 2011, the team from Creighton University quickly had breakfast, after which they were given a brief orientation which included the introduction of the MLI staff present and a brief talk on what to expect in Ghana. The team was also briefed on some of the operations MLI over the years after which they had the opportunity to watch a documentary on Meaningful Life International.
From the house, the team went to the Ashiaman State School for the Deaf. The team got to the school at about 11:30am and without delay, was taken to the proprietor’s office to greet him and also to be told a little about the school. The team was really surprised to hear the extent to which some parents and family members could go and things they do to their wards just because they were born deaf and dumb. The team really counted the gift of sight and hearing as a blessing. The team had time to interact and take pictures with inmates at the school. A donation of clothes and shoes was made to the school. The team was also taken to the Pacific Ostrich Farm to see the animals after which they were driven to the Tema Central Mall to have lunch.


A delay in the arrival of three nurses from the NARH BITA HOSPITAL in Tema and two medical assistants led to a general delay in the departure of the team to the Freedom Life Chapel at Afariwa, where the medical outreach was taking place. This was because there was only on mini bus transporting both teams to the place. The community in which the Church was located had a population of about 1500 people with most of the people there mainly cattle rearers. So finally at 9:26am the team arrived. There were two doctors, one medical student from Korle-bu in addition to the team from Creighton and Narh Bita in attendance and a counselor from Freedom Life Chapel. The nurses together with the members of the team attended to a total number of about 284 patients, mostly children and women. The whole outreach came to a close at about 4:45pm.



Today was very packed because we had two major activities. The team was first taken to Cedar Mountain Church Int. to have Sunday service and indeed, the team had a wonderful fellowshipping with them. The team got to the church at 7:19am when praise and worship was in session.  A very powerful sermon was given by Rev. Stephen Wengam, the senior pastor of the church. By 10:20am church service was over.

The afternoon saw a Seminar on Hepatitis B at a Senior High School very close to Kakasunanka called Witsands Senior High School. The team had a quick stop over at the Accra Mall to grab some snacks after which they were driven by the house to pick up the projector and seminar equipments. At exactly 12:30 we were in the school and by 12:45pm the seminar had begun.
Dr. Lenusia Ahlijah gave a powerful presentation on the topic and some of the team members also gave some inputs. She talked on the major causes of Hepatitis B in our part of the world and ways in which this virus in spread. The students were given the opportunity at the end of the talk to ask questions after which the students also had the chance to interact with the medical students from Creighton University. We left the school at 2:30pm to the Tema Central Mall where the team bought themselves some snacks, after which we left for the house.


If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Matthew 5:46-47 (N.I.V)

A good religion cares for orphans, needy and widows. This is what landed the team of medical students on the compound of the Weija Leprosarium on Monday 6th June 2011. The team left the house at 10:15am hoping to make it to the leprosarium at around 12:00 noon with less traffic. Traffic was very intense as usual on the Tesano - Mallam Junction stretch and by the time we arrived on the compounds of the Weija Leprosarium, it was 1:30pm in the afternoon. We were welcomed by Mr. Kwansah, the caretaker of the Leprosarium during the absence of Rev. Father Campbell who is the current Chairman of the Lepers council. He gave a brief history about the place and some of the predicaments of the inmates and the stigma they faced in society. The medical students had the chance to ask him a lot of questions about the disease and what the inmates were going through.

The medical students had a wonderful time interacting and socializing with the inmates. We presented clothing and foot wares to the inmates of the Weija Leprosarium and taken round the compound to have a look around, after which we took a group picture with the inmates. The team left the leprosarium at 2:45pm.


Today, 7th June 2011 begun with a Bible studies at the team’s place of residence. All the staff of MLI was at the house to have a wonderful Bible discussion. Pastor Godwin and Dr. Lenusia joined us later on in the discussion. We dwelt on Proverbs 4:7 and the main theme for the discussion was Wisdom. The Creighton team members shared their views with us after which pastor Godwin gave a short exhortation to close us. Today being the teams last day with MLI, a short parting ceremony was done for the team. Each member of the team was decorated with a Kente sash with their names neatly interwoven into the fabric. Dr. Lenusia Ahlijah, the deputy Executive Director did the decoration after which both MLI staff and the Creighton students gathered for a group picture.

The team was taken to the Doron Medical Clinic construction site to look at the progress of work. Pastor Godwin gave the team and explanation of why the clinic was being put up, the vision and the purpose it was going to serve with regards to MLI’s mobile clinics to rural villages. The team really had a nice time in the open air and change of environment. A short prayer was said over the clinic and the team was taken back to the house.


Then came the moment that neither the staff of MLI nor the Creighton Medical Students wanted to come, it was time for the team to depart. The teams had to continue to Kumasi for a quick stop over before leaving to Saboba where they were to have a three weeks internship program in a clinic. At about 10:00am the team was to the V.I.P transport yard to get on a bus that will take them to Kumasi. By 12:20 in the afternoon, we were at the transport yard. The team bought their tickets and for the last time, we took a group picture on the bus with them and said goodbye.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


 “I am the Lord! That is my name! Look, my earlier foretold prophesies have come to pass; now I announce new events. Before they begin to occur, I reveal them to you.”  … Forget what happened long ago! Don’t think about the past. I am creating something new. There it is! Do you see it? I have put roads in deserts, streams in thirsty lands.” [CEV]                       Isaiah 42:89 and Isaiah 43:18 - 19

After weeks of intense brainstorming, arduous groundwork and great teamwork between staff of Meaningful Life International (MLI) and staff of RLG, a subsidiary of AGAMS GROUP, the long anticipated mega outreach to Sirigu and Navrongo has finally become a success story by the grace of God.

On Friday 8th April and Saturday 9th April 2011, the MLI team, led by the Executive Director Rev. Godwin Ahlijah and his deputy Dr. Lenusia Ahlijah, in partnership with RLG and some Assembly members of the Basengo, Dazongo-Wugengo, Busongo and Nyangolengo electoral areas of Sirigu constituency in the Kassena-Nankana West district of the Upper West Region, undertook a massive medical outreach and a clothing distribution exercise to the inhabitants of Sirigu-Gunwoko and Navrongo. The entire outreach saw more than 750 people from both communities benefiting.


On Friday, a courtesy call was paid to the Sirigu Naaba’s palace together with the representatives from RLG; after which we proceeded to the Mother of Mercies Babies’ home in Sirigu to make a donation to the home.

On Saturday, we were in Navrongo. Lots of clothing and shoes were given to most of the people who turned up for the medical screening. At least more than half of the 220 people who came to be screened received clothes and shoes free of charge to take home.



The medical outreach in Sirigu was on Friday. The screening delayed for a while but finally began at 4:50pm. One doctor from Accra and four nurses from the Navrongo War Memorial Hospital made up the team for the outreach. The entire screening process lasted for 4 hours with 95 patients receiving treatment and medication. The medical outreach came to an end around 9:00pm in the night.

The medical Outreach took place on Saturday at the old Bolgatanga lorry station in Navrongo. Ten nurses were present for the medicals. Dr. Patrick Ansah, the head of the medical team from Navrongo and his wife together with Dr. Lenusia made up the team of doctors. The medical outreach began at 9:15am and lasted for more than 5 hours, ending at 2:35pm in the afternoon. The medical outreach in Navrongo saw about 220 people turning up. In all, a total number of 315 people from both communities received free medical screening and medications.


There was supposed to be a Jesus Film show at the end of the medical outreach in Sirigu but because we closed the medicals very late, we couldn’t continue with the Film Show.
In Navrongo, our team waited after the medical outreach to be able to have the film show. Set up began at 4:30pm and by 7:15pm, the film show had begun. The movie was about the life and death of Jesus Christ. The program ended around 10:15pm. In all, about 400 people came to watch the movie and out of that, about 150 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and personal savior.

Indeed, this outreach has been very challenging but also very exciting. It has been a blessing to all and of course, a wonderful collaboration which showcased excellent teamwork, hardwork and determination. The turnout was good and the people were extremely happy. It is our prayer that God will continue to use all of us to reach out to many more that are out there waiting for someone to reach out a helping hand to them.